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We primarily service the metro areas of Austin and Dallas Ft. Worth, and service deliveries across the entire state of Texas.
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Corporate Couriers Services

On-Demand Services

Since 1993, Corporate Couriers has been providing superior same day delivery and logistics services to a diverse clientele. Whether it's across town or across the country, Corporate Couriers coordinates the right courier and equipment to get your confidential documents, critical service parts, biomedical specimens, and other important items delivered on time.

Corporate Couriers operates with professional experienced couriers, and offers multiple levels of same day service to handle all of your expedited delivery needs.
  • Express
  • One Hour
  • Two Hour
  • Three Hour
  • Four Hour

Medical Delivery Services

Corporate Couriers specializes in the time sensitive delivery and transport of biological substances, infectious substances, and dry ice by air. We also deliver medical supplies and equipment, medical records, and pharmaceuticals. We operate with trained and tested drivers who are certified to handle Dangerous Goods, and the consistent professional appearance of our drivers is a welcome sight for those shipping and receiving these specialized types of deliveries. Communication with our customers for these specialized deliveries sets Corporate Couriers apart from the rest. Services we provide:
  • Transport of biological substances, infectious substances, and dry ice by air.
  • Pickup of lab specimens from the airport and delivery to labs, clinics, and hospitals
  • Delivery of medical records, charts, X-rays, etc.
  • Transport of Biological Substance Category B Specimens
  • Temperature Controlled Shipments: on Dry Ice/gel packs or Ambient
  • Cold storage of specimens.
  • Shipment and overnight storage of live animals
  • Delivery of chemotherapy drugs and other pharmaceuticals and supplies to clinics, labs, and hospitals.
  • Medical equipment and home healthcare supplies delivery to residential homes

We pride ourselves on providing you with a premier "last mile" delivery solution combining value and service. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. We will structure our operations around your specific requirements.

Next Flight Out (NFO) Services

You need to meet your delivery commitments and we are the perfect partner to help you do that.

Same Day

For national shippers and logistics companies with time critical same day air shipment needs, Corporate Couriers offers expedited Next Flight Out services as a 3rd Party Independent Air Carrier (IAC). Our experienced staff and couriers are TSA certified, and knowledgeable of local airline tendering procedures and recovery times. Shipments are closely monitored throughout the process and we immediately communicate Airway Bill information when tendered at the airport, and POD information when delivered. Airports Served:
  • AUS Austin Bergstrom International Airport
  • DFW Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport
  • DAL Dallas Love Field

Late Night Air Service Options

If you have missed your primary overnight carrier, we offer late night air service options above and beyond the primary carriers to get your shipment where it needs to be on time.

Our air carrier partner often departs up to five hours later and arrives earlier than traditional overnight carriers allowing you greater flexibility for your last minute overnight shipping needs.

With over 100 aircraft available from coast to coast we are able to offer faster and more flexible service options including airport-to-airport and airport-to-door service in most major cities.

Dedicated Charter

For those times when maximum speed and customer service are required, we can launch a dedicated charter flight for all types of cargo. We are available 24/7 to handle all of your charter needs. Be it a Lear or a DC-10, we can get your cargo there quickly and safely. Call our charter desk for quotes and scheduling.

Warehousing & Critical Parts Storage

Reduce the inconvenience, time and costs associated with managing and warehousing your own products and service parts supply. Take advantage of the efficiency, economy-of-scale and speed that comes from working with a single source warehousing and delivery vendor. With Corporate Couriers' comprehensive warehousing and delivery services, you now have an alternative to more costly, less efficient in-house operations.

Utilizing Corporate Couriers' full menu of warehouse services and delivery resources will allow you to dedicate 100% of your operation to your core business function. You no longer have to employ warehouse personnel to stock and inventory service parts essential to your operation. Allow us to handle it all, while your firm benefits from substantial cost savings and reduced management responsibilities.

In addition, Corporate Couriers' 24-hour delivery service promises that your parts will always be available.

Large or small, short term or long term, allow Corporate Couriers to handle all of your warehousing or critical parts storage needs.

Distribution & Fulfillment Services

An integral feature of Corporate Couriers is in providing business infrastructure solutions resulting from our warehousing and distribution expertise in the management of client-owned inventory. With multiple locations and partners throughout the United States, Corporate Couriers provides a single source for distribution and fulfillment needs.

Supporting our diverse customer base, we receive inventory in our distribution center, verify shipment accuracy, unpack and inspect for damage, and in most cases stock for shipment the same day. We are able to pick, pack and ship customers' orders, including any additional customized packaging, inserts, and promotional literature.

Our advanced distribution technology and strategic control methods make Corporate Couriers the best choice for your product staging, consolidation, cross dock, and next day or same day distribution needs. We can be your distribution point for your shipments in North and Central Texas or nationwide. To help you do this we offer pick n pack services to our customers who decide to keep inventory at our location.

Same Day Distribution & Delivery

Corporate Couriers offers Same Day Distribution and Delivery for shippers looking to relieve the constant pressure to develop agile, responsive supply chains while minimizing transportation and inventory costs. Look to Corporate Couriers and learn how we can help you:
  • Reduce shipping transportation costs.
  • Achieve real time visibility into the location and delivery of goods in your supply chain .
  • Cut delivery times of your goods.
  • Integrate our technologies to cut manual labor costs.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact of shipments.

On Demand Trucking

Trucking and delivery companies are increasing their time-critical expedited services to meet shipper and customer demand for faster delivery of goods. Corporate Couriers is no exception, our trucks are dispatched on a time-sensitive basis. Corporate Couriers offers several options for your large cargo shipping needs. Whether you are transporting file boxes, products or supplies, Corporate Couriers can handle all of your cargo needs. Service you can expect:
  • Competitive Rates
  • Lift-gate equipped trucks as well as dock high.
  • Up to 2000lbs included in the base charge.
  • After hour deliveries.
  • Inside delivery service available.

Dangerous Goods

In this age of heightened security, the International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s Dangerous Goods Regulations have constantly changed, and shipping dangerous goods has gotten more difficult than ever.

Corporate Couriers specializes in shipping dangerous goods that many other carriers won't - or can't - handle. We have several years of experience, and our staff and couriers are extensively trained on the latest standards involved in the transport of biological substances, infectious substances and dry ice by air.

Training includes: classification, packing, marking, labeling and required documentation for shipping dangerous goods related to the biopharmaceutical industry, along with an overview of the latest revisions to the regulations.

Our training and certification are designed to help:
  • Avoid shipment rejections and delayed and/or compromised specimens
  • Ensure compliance with the latest rules
  • Perform more efficiently and effectively
  • Enhance safety
  • Avoid substantial fines and penalties
  • Reduce shipping and packaging costs

In addition, our specialists work with you to optimize the handling of your shipments, from offering guidance on packaging and labeling to arranging after-hours pickup and delivery.

Dedicated Route Services

Corporate Couriers handles many same day scheduled and dedicated route deliveries across town and between cities. We can handle your interoffice mail pickup and delivery, payroll, bank deposits, or anything you need to ship on a regular basis. Our dedicated routes services are tailored to your needs. Call us today to get a complete assessment, price quote, and to set up your schedule.